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Here's How it Works:

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3. Stack your Bitcoin reserves to amazing heights - to the tune of over $90,000+

We use a 3 x 10 Forced Structure that pays approx. $1 for each of the 10 Bit Chips.

So, passive members receive spillover immediately upon a recruiter placing more than 3 on their first Bit Chip.  The rest falls as spillover and as those below you begin to fill their Bit Chips, you begin to 'now' receive, what is called spill under.  This is in addition to the spillover from above.

The Passive Member can earn over $90,000+ from this process alone.

So, what would compel the recruiters to fill the Bit Chips for the Passive Members?  More Bitcoin, of course.

Recruiters receive upfront 'ADVANCES' on ALL Bitcoin falling on ALL Bit Chips below - UPFRONT, IMMEDIATELY, ADVANCED, INSTANTLY!!


Recruiter brings on 10 members.  

He gets - $17 for each of his first 3 who fall on his first Bit Chip which holds 3.  This leaves seven he's invited who fall to his first level Bit Chip holders, as spillover (the first 2 get passive Bitcoin in the amount of approx $24 each).  Remember, they've done absolutely nothing but, still get passive earnings and it is just the beginning.  The 3rd member of his first Bit Chip get the final spillover  and 1 of 3 to come or about $8.

Next, spillover continues to spill from left to right and, can come from both above and now, from below (remember, this is totally passive for them and they are on their way to over $90,000+ in totally Passive earnings).

The Recruiter has already received $51 total for the first three.  Here's the best part.  He also receives ADVANCED payouts in the amounts of - $9 for each of his remaing 7 he personally introduced.  That's a total of $51 + $63 = $114 for the recruiter ($170 - $56 spillover).  Brilliant!!

This process repeats many times, over and over, for both the Recruiter and Passive Member and, soon becomes a mind boggling, virally explosive, Bit Chip Bitcoin Power House.

Imagine, literally thousands experiencing the same process in Massive, Exponentially Increasing numbers.

And, why does it happen so fast?  Two reasons:

1. The price point is laughable in respect to what it costs to participate in traditional Bitcoin mining and, what it can quickly bring the Passive Member and Recruiter alike (a WIN-WIN).

2. The Forced Structure only allows 3 in the first Bit Chip and the rest is spillover and creates massiver spill under.

Passive members max out at over $90,000+ and recruiters do it a heck of a lot faster and, with bigger payouts upfront, advanced to them with zero waiting!

To encourage our recruiters to continue building for the passive members, we also payout 100% Matches on Bit Chips 3, 6, and 9.  There is nothing like this anywhere on the planet.  Exclusive to, Only.

Step 1 - Register FREE

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Step 2 - Engage

Get placed in 10 Bit Chip Positions

There are a total of Ten Bit Chip earning centers.  You are placed in ALL Ten simutaneously with your tiny one time  payment..

Step - 3 Count Your Bits

Yes, it's magically delicious..

Watch, as your Bitcoin Wallet starts growing, faster and faster each day.  All the way up to over $90,000+..


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“its really very amazing when you think about it.  Bitcoin mining costs anywhere from $3,000 to start to literally hundreds of thousands to get the big returns.  Here, you can invest literally NOTHING, and out perform those mining giants..."

“First of all, hands off to you guys for your effort and nice, super explosive system.  Talk about going viral, Facebook is eating this up.  Why?  I believe when you put a price point so small on a system that has massive appeal and potential, the people take over and everyone wins.  The little guy wins, the big dogs win.  Win-win!”

“I like the way it pays upfront advances to those willing to share with others.  You really get taken care of here for doing the extra work to help those who either have issues recruiting or just want to sit and earn passively.  Finally, I don't feel bad, working a little harder to help others.  This makes it easy to WANT to help them.”


Bitcoin Mining cost literally thousands to set up, we don't..


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